ERE Group is committed to a strong investment program in the rising and promising Turkish energy sector.

In order to meet the surge in demand for energy in parallel to the rapid growth in the Turkish economy, and as a part of that liberalisation itself, Turkish Government decided in the early 1980s to allow private enterprises to operate in the Turkish energy sector.

Two major changes in the legal framework regulating the sector ended the monopoly of the public organizations and encouraged private companies to invest in energy generation within BUILD-OPERATE-TRANSFER model.

Building upon 30 years of experience in engineering, project management, finance and organisation, acquired through a portfolio of major construction projects, ERE assumed it’s position as an Operator and Investor in the energy sector.

ERE, with Sucati Dam and HEPP project, is one of the pioneer companies to realize an Energy project under Build-Operate-Transfer Model. ERE was the first in Turkey that used RCC(Roller Compacted Concrete) type of dam.

Following construction and comissioning of this project, activities in the energy sector continued with projects under Autoproducer status. In this context, contracts for three autoproducer projects were signed with Ministry of Energy and investment of the first project, Birkapili HEPP commenced.

Enactment of Electricity Market Law No:4628, liberalized Turkish electricity sector as in all developed countries and enabled private enterprise to perform energy generation activities under free market principles and Generation Licence framework.

Upon these developments, ERE decided to continue with investment of three autoproducer projects under free market conditions. The first one of these projects was Birkapılı HEPP,being the highest in Turkey and seventh in the world ranking with its 1010 m. Nominal Head. Upon completion of works, Preliminary Acceptance is signed on March 11th 2004 and Commercial Operation commenced.

Secondly,Generation Licences for 40 years were obtained from EMRA on October 2nd, 2003 for Gazipasa Energy Group. The duration of Licences are modified as 49 years in August 31,2006. Preliminary acceptance of Kizilduz HEPP with installed power of 16 MW is signed on September 8, 2006, whereas preliminary acceptance of Sahmallar HEPP with installed power of 14 MW is signed on November 15, 2006. Following the preliminary acceptance, commercial operation started in both of the HEPPs .

For the last investment of ERE, Kandil Energy Group,with installed power of 308.6 MW, Generation Licences for 49 years were issued by EMRA on 09/03/2006. The project will constitute 2.4 % of the Turkey’s Installed Hydroelectricity Power when it starts operating.

ERE’s energy investments will continue with many projects in our portfolio.

Locations of our reference Energy Projects in Turkey