In order to fulfill Precise Landing Aid Requirement of Turkish Air Forces (TUAF); ERE, together with ITT GILFILLAN, had been awarded to a multimillion dollars and a multiyear contract which covers 10 RAPCON (Radar APproach CONtrol) AN/MPN-14K(TU) systems as initial part for modernisation of existing systems. ERE will do all local works, whereas ITTG will be responsible for manufacturing the systems.

First package which is first four systems had been succesfully commissioned in the time period depicted in the contract in October/ November/ December 97 and March 98 respectively. Other systems which are called Second Package were commissioned in April, July and November 1999. Last 3 systems called third package were commissioned in March 2001, October and November 2002. On the other hand within the frame of last contract, first 4 ea. system is upgraded (November 2000, April/September/November 2001).

ERE has performed in-country Project Management and Technical Support Services for RAPCON contract .


AN/MPN-14K (TU) System