MPN 25 Systems

In addition to RAPCON project which fulfills Turkısh Air Force Command’s Precise Landing requirements, ERE, together with ITT GILFILLAN had been awarded to MOBILE APPROACH & LANDING SYSTEM AN/MPN-25(TU) project.

2 each MPN-25 and related depot maintenance capabilities had been provided within this project. ERE will perform all local activies and ITTG will be responsible for manufacturing the systems. (In-country Project Management). The first system is delivered in April 2001 and second one is delivered in June 2003 with a succesful commissioning.


In order to provide Terminal Area Control and Approach Services, GCA-2000 radar has been installed at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (Kurtkoy) which is recently established in Anatolian site of İstanbul. GCA-2000 radar which is fixed version and a member of same product family of MPN-25 has been delivered in April 2001.

AN/MPN-25(TU) System

GCA-2000 System