Starting with telephony infrastructure work in 1982, ERE succesfully completed many contracting projects in the telecommunication sector. Below is a list of telecommunication contracting projects completed by ERE:

In May 1998, ERE, Aselsan and Bilkent University were together awarded a procurement agreement by the Turkish Telecommunication Authority (formerly TGM) to design and build a National Monitoring System (NMS).

The NMS Project covers seven distinct geographical regions of the country. The principle tasks of the system are

  • supervision of radio traffic,

  • measurement of frequency occupancy,

  • measurement of AM/FM radio and TV broadcast transmission measurements,

  • determination of radio covarage areas,

  • clearance in case of interferance and

  • location of illegal radio transmissions

In this project, ERE devised solutions to the communication network topology of the system by using microwave radio link systems, VSAT satellite technology, leased line circuits and TURPAK X.25 packet networks. Beside the communication infrastructure of the system, ERE had the responsibility to design the hardware and develop the software for a Mobile Broadcast Measurement (MOBBC) System. In addition, all the infrastructure and civil works were implemented by ERE.


MOBBC Vehicle

ERE, together with Alcatel Teletas has completed 670,000 homepassed CATV network for Turkish Telecommunication Company (TTAS). The project is realised in İstanbul Anatolian Site, North of Ankara, İzmir and Antalya and the satellite reception centers, modulation and control centers, headends, fiber/coax distribution systems are included.

Upon the experience and expertise of this project, ERE becomes one of the first companies in cable TV operation. According to the agreement made with TTAS, this operation business delivered to a new company called KabloNET which is working in this specific field only. ERE is already a major partner of KabloNET.

To enlarge the coverage of Turkish Radio and Television Company (TRT) services throughout Turkey, 180 ea. 1 kW TV transmitter and transposers have been installed within the scope of this project. ERE was consortium partner with Itelco of Italy, in this project.

Within the same concept, to enlarge the TRT/FM broadcast, 112 ea. 1 kW and 42 ea. 5 kW FM radio transmitters have been installed and ERE was consortium with Harris Allied of UK.


PTT established a shore station in order to receive telephone, telegram and telex communications to provide cruising data to marine vehicles, in Yesilköy/Osmaniye-Istanbul. ERE installed 14 units of 10KW and 6 units of 5KW transmitters including the construction of antenna towers and erection of the antenna within the scope of the project. There is also a remote control line between the stations.

As a contracting project, ERE has successfully completed turnkey telephone network projects with a capacity of 1,500,000 main lines in various cities and towns in Turkiye for Turkish Telecommunication Company (formerly PTT). Nowadays the project is going on again on turnkey basis in some other regions of Turkiye.