ERE provides Precise Approach Landing and Navigation Aids Systems to Turkish Air Forces (TUAF) in defence sector by using his expertise in telecommunication sector.

This activities cover the system integration, acceptance tests, in country project management, technical support and long term maintenance services. For this purpose ERE’s works continue with manufacturers and TUAF.

In order to fulfill Precise Landing Aid Requirement of Turkish Air Forces (TUAF); ERE, together with ITT GILFILLAN, had been awarded to a multimillion dollars and a multiyear contract which covers 10 RAPCON (Radar APproach CONtrol) AN/MPN-14K(TU) systems as initial part for modernisation of existing systems. ERE will do all local works, whereas ITTG will be responsible for manufacturing the systems.

First package which is first four systems had been succesfully commissioned in the time period depicted in the contract in October/ November/ December 97 and March 98 respectively. Other systems which are called Second Package were commissioned in April, July and November 1999. Last 3 systems called third package were commissioned in March 2001, October and November 2002. On the other hand within the frame of last contract, first 4 ea. system is upgraded (November 2000, April/September/November 2001).

ERE has performed in-country Project Management and Technical Support Services for RAPCON contract .


AN/MPN-14K (TU) System

MPN 25 Systems

In addition to RAPCON project which fulfills Turkısh Air Force Command’s Precise Landing requirements, ERE, together with ITT GILFILLAN had been awarded to MOBILE APPROACH & LANDING SYSTEM AN/MPN-25(TU) project.

2 each MPN-25 and related depot maintenance capabilities had been provided within this project. ERE will perform all local activies and ITTG will be responsible for manufacturing the systems. (In-country Project Management). The first system is delivered in April 2001 and second one is delivered in June 2003 with a succesful commissioning.


In order to provide Terminal Area Control and Approach Services, GCA-2000 radar has been installed at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (Kurtkoy) which is recently established in Anatolian site of İstanbul. GCA-2000 radar which is fixed version and a member of same product family of MPN-25 has been delivered in April 2001.


AN/MPN-25(TU) System


GCA-2000 System

FIXED TACAN SYSTEMS The project which was founded by NATO, in order to modernise existing TACAN (TACtical Air Navigation) system at various Turkish Air Forces (TUAF) sites is awarded to ERE. The scope of the project is to replace existing TACAN systems, infrastructural facilities and systems. The systems in four different airports are succesfully delivered to TUAF in May 2002, July 2002, October 2002 and May 2003. ERE is the main contractor of this turn key contract and, THALES ATM. S.p.A (Italy) and RANTEC (USA) are the manufacturer of TACAN systems and antenna systems respectively.

MOBILE TACAN SYSTEMS In order to give flexibility to the Air Forces, one each mobile TACAN system has been delivered in November, 2002.

This is a NATO funded project. In order to assure a secure and reliable communication system between the Wing Operation Center, Squadron Operation Center and existing aircraft shelters at Incirlik Airbase, 104 telephone subscribers connected to 2 private automatic exchanges, 57 telebrief subscribers connected to 3 control consoles, and 25 km. of ground distribution system were installed successfully by ERE the system had been delivered to the end user, USAF.