ERE is not only a conventional representative company, but also performing in-country program management functions. The main goals of the mission to accomplishing a successful contract(s) at the end are :

  • Continuous and constant liaison with customer agencies at all levels,
  • coordination with customer on all training issues,
  • supporting customer in all logistical aspects, and
  • coordination of spares, repairs and overhaul activities

In order to perform the missions above for the projects RAPCON / GCA ERE had established a Program office composed of qualified, experienced, dedicated and motivated individuals and assures the customer for best performance about technical matters related to the product. ERE is also performing Technical Support Services which include:

  • Site installation and set-up of RAPCON/GCA systems,
  • Installation and operation of the support equipment,
  • Installation and set-up of depot equipment ,
  • Performance of Engineering Technical Services which cover monitoring performance of the systems and ensuring highest level of availability, technical assistance to the customer and on the job training as necessary