After successfully completing numerous turn-key contracting projects between 1982 and 1996, ERE diversified its telecom business with revenue sharing agreements on cable television and satellite communication projects signed with the Turkish Telecommunication Company, TTAS.

ESER, ERE Holding’s operator company in the telecom sector, was granted satcom and ISP licenses by the Turkish Telecommunication Authority in February, 2002.


In 1996, ERE won the cable TV procurement and according to the resulting agreement ERE established a new company, KabloNET, in 1997. KabloNET is one of the biggest cable TV operators with 750,000 homepassed capacity and 350,000 subscribers. Throughout the bi-directional HFC networks, high speed Internet access, data, VoIP services are provided besides the basic services, television and radio.


In 1997, a special revenue sharing contract on satellite communication operation via INTELSAT, EUTELSAT and TURKSAT satellites was signed between TTAS and ERE. ERE Holding’s rights form this contract were later handed over to our telecom operator subsidiary ESER Telekom.

Currently, ESER provides broadband access to major Internet backbones and international point-to-point data services through 4 satellite earth stations located in Ankara and Istanbul and POPs in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.